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October 2000 || Vol.5, No.10
Bill Falloon Changes Venue… Briefly

Creating the Ultimate Screen… A Treasury Management ASP for FASB and Beyond…A Back-Office ASP for Hedge Funds… E-Notes

The Greater Fool Theory

Building CSFB’s Master E-Plan... The Mortgage-Industry Tinderbox... The “Good Banker/Bad Banker” Exercise

The Slow Death of the FX Salesman
FX salespeople are busy looking for an exit strategy as clients go electronic and spreads collapse. Banks, meanwhile, are still searching for superstar rainmakers. Does anybody have a real game plan?

The Woes of Martin Armstrong
The Feds say the former offshore hedge fund manager scammed investors out of $1 billion. But the imprisoned Armstrong says he’s only guilty of knowing the whereabouts of too many financial skeletons.

2000 Technology and Risk Management Roundtable: The Role of Outsourcing

The World According to Ray Dalio