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September 2000 || Vol.5, No.9
An LTCM Book Builds a Buzz (and draws J.M. out of seclusion)…What Dick Should Do…Briefly

Investment Bank Reading Lists Revealed!

Plug-and-Play Exchanges For Hire…Verifying Trading Partners…BlackRock’s High-End Risk Management Solution…E-Notes

What Internet Revolution?

Cashing Out
Monetization trades can turn illiquid stock holdings into cold cash. But what do shareholders and the SEC need to know?

Convertibles Market 2000

The Art of the Heavy Hedge
How convertible bond arbitrageurs escaped the telecom crash by overhedging their portfolios.
Trouble Ahead?
Hedge funds now call the shots in the convertible market. But what happens when they want to unload?

2000 Technology and Risk Management Roundtable: E-Commerce Business Plans

The World According to Robert Mark